Innovative software for media and marketing since 1989


Because of our great competence in developing software for media planning, we are able to provide our clients with customized solutions. Our repertoire ranges from flexible modules for basic analysis and visualization of complex interrelationships to all-in-one solutions.

Innovation is our slogan – the first TV planning software for PCs, the first online planning software in Europe, Masterplan for automatic planning optimization, and now M-Cloud: our new online software that is not only aimed at planning experts, but also occasional users. It offers more than user-friendly operation, efficiency and speed, i.e. instant results – every modification updates the result in real time.

The database format developed in-house is characterized by great speed – thus we can guarantee that even large-scale counts are carried out as quickly as possible. Our offline software Masterplan stands out by virtue of its speed and M-Cloud maintains this standard.

We provide a server architecture that always represents the current state of the art. SSL encryption ensures protection of your data.